Real-time matters.

Secure, real-time solutions for embedded devices and artificial intelligence.

Our Expertise

Real-time Video

From Internet-of-Things to robotics and manufacturing, we build custom, secure video solutions. With implementation, real-time matters.

Embedded Devices

Whether you need a single camera live stream or control over 100,000 connected devices, we can build a secure, scalable cloud architecture to fit your needs.

Machine Learning

Local or cloud-based, we build machine learning and AI implementation solutions for every industry. Have a unique problem? Let us help!

Aloha Lanikai

Our Story

We're a team of former Google and Tesla engineers, educated at Caltech and UCLA, building real-time video and artificial intelligence solutions for embedded devices. We've worked in IoT, robotics, and manufacturing, and we're always looking for new problems to solve.

Our Team

Chris Hiszpanski

Chris Hiszpanski

Chris holds MSEE and BSEE degrees from Caltech and enjoys building elegant solutions to make the world better. At Kuna, he created a computer vision platform for an IoT camera network, and he holds a patent in smart light camera technology. Most recently, Chris built distributed machine learning vision systems at Tesla.

Chris believes software should be fault tolerant, scalable, secure, and simple. He enjoys working on open source projects and has contributed to the AWS Go SDK, Buildbot, Caffe, and rsyslog, amongst others.

Jordan Carlson

Jordan Carlson

Jordan completed his BS in Physics at Caltech and holds an MA in physics from UC Berkeley, and he is driven to understand things at their most fundamental level. He was previously a senior software engineer at Google, where he helped build out a platform for testing mobile apps on real devices.

A firm adherent to Occam’s razor, Jordan strives for minimalism and elegance in the software systems he develops. He always sleeps best after a day spent writing clean, efficient code.

Nicole Gear         

Nicole Gear         

Nicole has a BS from the University of Florida and is an MBA candidate at UCLA Anderson. She has product, finance, and marketing experience at Silicon Valley startups in the content/video delivery and IoT spaces.

Most recently, she worked on a cloud-based transcoding platform that was acquired by a Fortune 500 media company.

If she’s not obsessing over user experience or brainstorming new features, you can find her at the beach or in the mountains.

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